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Jersey Contest: Week 4

Here are your games for week four of the 2010 ATQ Jersey Contest.  As usual, submit your picks via the form found after the jump.  Your picks must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT on Friday and you can submit multiple entries -- I will accept your latest set of picks that aresubmitted prior to the deadline.  Please submit your picks using the same pass phrase that you used in week one.  Also, as a reminder, to be eligible for the contest, you MUST be a member of ATQ.  This is a free and simple process -- simply create an SBNation ID and join the blog -- that's all.  If you have submitted picks in the past and are not yet a member, please sign up or I will delete your picks from the contest. 

Nevada at BYU

Stanford at Notre Dame

Fresno State at Mississippi

South Carolina at Auburn

West Virginia at LSU


(Yes, I know -- we are picking ANOTHER Notre Dame game).

Good Luck!