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Quack Fix: Can new-look Devils give Oregon the Pflu in Tempe?

So what happens this weekend? Do the Sun Devils turn their newly-found confidence (Who knew it was in Madison, Wisconsin?) into actual competence and give the Ducks all they can handle? Or, will the Ducks run around, through and over the desert flame outs like they're the ninth best team in the Pac-10, as many suggested during preseason?

Here's your quack:

  • So Chip Kelly calls this year's ASU offense "oranges" compared to last year's "apples". Rob Moseley details some of the changes Dennis Erickson and new offensive coordinator have implemented. That, and Moseley's Wednesday practice report.
  • More on former Duck Aaron Pflugrad facing his old team. Seems everyone is talking about this, except Aaron, and who can blame him. Bottom line, he's a good possession receiver who is capable of shaking Oregon's corners and moving the chains. He'll need to be well defended Saturday.
  • Jason Vondersmith of the Portland Trib says one of the most telling stats about Oregon's defense so far is that opponents are only 5-for-46 on third down. Yeah the competition has been poor, but my guess I suspect that if we looked at some other teams who've faced UNM, Tennessee or PSU, (ASU, Utah, Florida, Texas Tech) Oregon's D looks better than the rest. Anyone care to look it up?
  • You knew that Brandon Bair was an excellent football player, but did you know that he's so much more? Nice feature in The Oregonian by Ken Goe. also has a new video interview with Bair.
  • Oregon hoops is evidently close to adding a player, as reported yesterday by and confirmed by the R-G's Ron Bellamy. In a shocking turn, it was not ATQ's own Matt Daddy, but rather Jay-R Stowbridge, a much traveled 5-11 point guard with one year of eligibility remaining.

Go Ducks!