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ATQ Blogpoll: Alabama, Oregon, Arizona survive stiff tests

Another week, and we have a bit more clarity on the national race. Alabama survived a scare against Arkansas, but in the second half they dominated the Razorbacks on both sides of the ball. Arkansas just didn't have the talent to stay with Alabama for four quarters, and the Tide did what championship teams do on the road.

Oregon faced a similar test against a shockingly good Arizona State team. ASU is really the surprise of the Pac-10 so far, and after their pathetic performance last year, their growth into a solid football team. Oregon didn't have a great game, but good teams win games on the road despite not having their best performance. 

Arizona survived as well, getting a touchdown against Cal in the final minutes of the game. This game hurts their resume slightly, but a conference win is a conference win. 

Stanford jumps this week after another solid road performance against a below mediocre ND team (and their resume getting a bump by UCLA's win over Texas). Stanford still hasn't really been tested, and this week will tell us a lot about their team.

While the top 10 may be clearing up to some degree, the top 25 as a whole is a mess. I only had 22 teams I wanted to rank this week, and ended up ranking Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Air Force because, well, someone had to fill out the bottom.

Check out the full ballot after the jump, and leave any comments. I'm not feeling particularly good about the 10-25 spots in the blog, so if you think I'm overlooking something, let me know, as the final ballot can still be adjusted.