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Quack Fix: Kelly signs extension through 2015, Ducks pick up the pace

A mere three more days until GameDay (woo!). Here's your Wednesday Morning Quack Fix:

  • In case you haven't yet heard, Chip Kelly agreed to a six-year contract extension yesterday aimed at retaining the second-year head football coach through the 2015 season. The agreement is valued at $20.5 million and includes more guaranteed money with fewer performance incentives than his previous contract. Oregon's new AD Rob Mullens also has some interesting comments on the extension, namely that it was "job one for him" upon arriving at Oregon. Maybe job two should be fixing our basketball program? Just sayin'.
  • According to Rob Moseley's Tuesday practice report, Kelly, citing the time constraints due to classes starting this week, had the Ducks practicing faster. Moseley also has a few notes from Coach Kelly's morning press conference.
  • The Oregonian's Bob Rickert lists seven things the Ducks (including us fans) need to do to beat Stanford. And Ken Goe has more or less a preview of the game as well.
  • Ted Miller posted some interesting Pac-10 numbers "to chew on." Did you know the Ducks are No. 1 in the country in turnover margin? I'm pretty sure ASU's seven turnovers padded those stats a bit.
  • Oregon's game at Washington State on Oct. 9 has been blacked out in favor of FSN's other Pac-10 coverage. Apparently the two schools had petitioned to have the game moved to accommodate local broadcasts (read: OSN), but those petitions were rejected. Oh well. I haven't listened to Jerry Allen exclusively in a while anyway.
  • Watch out, GameDay, 'cuz you're not the only show coming to town. Apparently FLO TV's Ultimate Tailgate Tour is coming to Eugene this weekend. I actually have no idea what it's all about, but some guy from FLO TV's PR agency keeps emailing me to post something. So there you go, guy. (And no, I don't get a free FLO TV for doing this...unfortunately.)

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