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Quack Fix: Everyone's looking at Darron Thomas

Football is here! And Duck football is one day away! Life is good. Here's your quack:

  • With Oregon's season starting tomorrow, all eyes are on Darron Thomas. And for someone we've talked so much about, we really don't know much about it, having not seen him play in almost 2 years. But Ken Goe says that he's better than what we've seen. Thomas has made huge strides when he's been on the bench, watching, and learning, and improving. According to Coach Helfrich, he's improved in every aspect of being a QB. Now it's time to put that to work on the field,
  • Adam Jude also has a piece on Thomas, and he focuses more on how Thomas has gained the respect of the teammates, and has some good comments from Jordan Holmes. Thomas has really grown in communication and confidence and has grown to be able to take on the leadership role required by the starting QB. 
  • Lastly, Canzano has an audio interview with Thomas. With all the Thomas news today, I'm excited to see what he can do. He has the tools, he put in the work, and he won the job. It will be a lot of fun to watch him play.
  • While the Ducks special teams has been questioned, it sounds like Jackson Rice will be rock solid during camp. Now that he has a year under his belt, he's looking to become more consistent with his kicks. If he adds that to his game, he'll be one of the best punters in the nation.
  • Bob Rickert has a New Mexico preview up. A lot of good storylines to watch in this one, even if the game gets out of control quickly.
  • Heading to the game tomorrow? Make sure to check out post on Autzen, and some updated rules and notes.
  • Pac-10 play opened last night as USC took on Hawaii, but what was up with USC's defense last night? They gave up 588 yards to Hawaii and didn't get a turnover. You have to assume that they'll improve, but a lot of Pac-10 teams have to be looking forward to that game now.

Got any other notes or links. Leave 'em below, and help us all pass the minutes until Kickoff. GO DUCKS!