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I Can Haz Football 2010: New Mexico Edition

After a long hiatus, I Can Haz Football returns for the 2010 college football season. This thread is one of complete and utter homerism, even in the face of so-called "logic" and "facts". Enjoy these pictures throughout the season and feel free to add your own to the thread.

Please note a couple of things...

  1. We ask that you please put a subject line in your posts before placing a graphic so that they can be hidden.
  2. Load times can be long after the jump. You've been warned.

Week 1: New Mexico Edition

In our first image for the 2010 season, we explore the future with Darron Thomas at QB.



Avid readers of Addicted to Quack know about our commitment to journalistic excellence. We are proud to announce that we've discovered the reason why Kenjon Barner is so elusive on the field.



We like to ask the hard hitting questions of our opponents...



After Saturday, a new dance craze will hit the nation. You heard it here first!