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The Oregon Ducks Elevator: Kenjon Barner, Eric Solis and Mana Greig

While the elevator was down for service, we installed some wonderful new amenities for all to enjoy. In the penthouse, we have a new robotic ferret that will fetch your paper, bring you coffee and help balance your social life as your entertain your millions and millions of fans. In the elevator itself, sanitizer has been added for those folks that want to wash their hands of individuals that may get kicked out. We've also contacted the Eddie Pleasent Army about doing security but unfortunately they're unavailable. He did, however, refer us to the Brandon Bair security service where every day starts with a big hug! Let's look at how the riders are doing.

Kenjon Barner: When you have over 200 all-purpose yards and 5 TDs in the first half, you know he's going to be high in the list but the thing that stuck out to me the most was how much more fluid Barner looked. Last year, he was still trying to figure out the position and you started to see flashes in the Rose Bowl. In his first game, he seemed to anticipate the holes more and hit them with even more speed. For that improvement in the off-season and an awesome first game, there's only one place for KB to go. Elevator: In the Penthouse

Eric Solis: 3 for 4 in the field goal department and made all 9 of his extra point attempts, even if some of them looked awful scary. Isn't this guy a walkon true freshman? Welcome to Autzen Mr. Solis. We're happy to have you aboard even if Rob Beard is going to come along and take the job back. Unless something goes crazy, you'll be riding quitely along in the elevator until we meet again. Elevator: Got in at the ground floor and pressed the Up button

A special note to those riding in the elevator. When we find out who was responsible for not having a picture of Eric Solis in the starting lineups on Duck Vision, we'll have a little talk. You've been warned.

Darron Thomas: Although I was a little scared after his first pick, he came out and showed poise and control of the offense, even after adversity. I understand that New Mexico wasn't a real test of his abilities but he showed well under real game conditions and that gives me hope for the next week. I really liked how well he got the team up to the line in between plays. It wasn't hurried at all, just efficient. No wasted movements. We'll see how well he does in Knoxville. I will mention that those folks who were clamouring for DT to be the starter because of his running abilities on the zone read, I'm pretty sure I saw Nate Costa and Daryle Hawkins keeping it more on that play. Elevator: Up 2 Floors

Cliff Harris: For all the rumors circulating this off-season about him, how about tying the team record for punt returns for touchdowns... in the opening game. Dude makes plays, hard to argue with that. As to why he's not playing on defense much, maybe he just is having trouble breaking through that depth chart and nothing more. Only him and the coaching staff know for sure. Personally, if he's the number one punt returner for the rest of the season and nothing else, I'll take it. Elevator: Up 1 Floor

Mana Greig: I'm nitpicking here to find a negative from the game but Mana had a couple of holding penalties in the 4th quarter that moved us out of the red zone. Elevator: Down 1 Floor