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The Morning After Quack Fix: A Great Defensive Performance Spoiled

I don't know why you'd want to read more about last night's game right now, but just in case you do...

  •  ESPN's Mark Schlabach blames the uncharacteristic play on the long layoff.  

  • Ted Miller's morning-after thoughts are, unsurprisingly, more reasonable than his initial reaction.  His big stats: Auburn was better on first down, and better on third down.

  • Rob Moseley's game recap sums up how many of us feel in the first sentence: "Windows of
    opportunity like the one Oregon was presented with Monday are so rare, so fleeting, that to be
    tantalized by them and then have them slammed shut is a cruel fate."
  • The Portland Tribune focuses on the Ducks defense, and tries to figure out what happened on the Dyer Debacle.
  • Brian Floyd reports that Cam Newton may have a significant back injury, most likely sustained when he fumbled the ball in the fourth quarter.  
  • What did Chip Kelly have to say last night? "We'll be back."
  • OPB has a writeup and a slide show of last night's Mac Court watch party.
  • Most random link of the day goes to the Christian Science Monitor, who has an Oregon fan quiz. They say more than half means you're legit, but if you don't get 12/12, you suck.
  • The final rankings are out, and the Ducks fall only to #3, with Stanford just behind at #4.  
  • Ken Goe finds the silver lining, and it is Darron Thomas.

Treat this morning's Fix as a coping mechanism.  Do whatever you need to do to heal, whether it's yelling, blaming someone, or asking whether or not Cam Newton had a cold last night and talking about Jake Locker's draft prospects (in case you missed it, axemen23 is just as ridiculous on the phone as he is in the comments section).  I will use this opportunity to find the silver linings in the loss, despite what Matt "Second place is the first loser" Daddy may think about that.  I was blown away by our defensive performance, especially Cliff HarrisCasey Matthews, Zac Clark, and Kenny Rowe when he wasn't asked to cover a wide receiver one-on-one.