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BCS Championship Game Tickets: Prices continue to rise as game approaches

With 8 days until the BCS Championship Game, tickets are still sky high and show little sign of slowing. One bright sport for Ducks fans though, tickets in Oregon sections are going for 17% less than tickets sold in the Auburn sections. 

If you're still looking for tickets, SBNation may be able to ease your search just a little. We've teamed up with, a site that is trying to change the way you find tickets for big events. They aggregate tickets from all the major sites and sort them by section, to help you sit with likeminded fans. On their page, team sections are even color coded.

On top of that, TiqIQ the historical data for ticket prices shown for each section, so you can compare ticket prices and trends before you buy. Over the next week, we'll be tracking any ticket deals (tickets going for less than the current averages), and tweeting those to @AddictedToQuack, so make sure to keep your eye there if you're searching for tickets.

For those still looking for tickets, what are you planning on doing to secure a place at the game? GO DUCKS!