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Quack Fix: Javes Lewis, USC Basketball Coach Complaining, Nia Jackson and Buying Freeze-Dried Turf

Football season is over... still.

  • We get some more reaction about the Javes Lewis decision to forego his senior season at Oregon and enter the NFL draft. I know a lot of people who have openly criticized Lewis for his decision but I'm not going to do that. As fans of our team, we look at this as confusing and weird given the analysis of draft experts on his stock. More than that, we have a selfish twinge that this hurts our depth. If this is what he wants to do and he wants to give it a shot, more power to him. Prove the doubters wrong.
  • Kilkenny Court at Matthew Knight Arena takes some getting used to. Even the players have had some trouble adjusting to the barely visible midcourt line and the forest-obscured lines. Beavers fans, in typical Oregon Live fashion, have come up with some creative (and not so creative) nicknames for the court. 
  • Meanwhile, USC Men's Basketball Coach Kevin O'Neill takes a moment to... what's the word... bitch about his team being put at a competitive disadvantage because the Trojans had to open up the arena against the Ducks. In the immortal words of the Internet, QQ.
  • Here's a great look at one of my favorite players from the men's basketball team, Jonathan Loyd.
  • The Duck Tennis Team hosts Portland State and Pacific this weekend, taking a 2-0 start into the contests.
  • Oregon and Oregon State are taking steps to measure the impact football games have on the environment by examining the carbon footprint at events. I was very impressed with how the City of Eugene handled the Olympic Trials a few years back. Regardless of your leanings, understanding how energy is used, produced and wasted at these types of events could provide amazing insight into sustainable solutions for the future.
  • We haven't talked much women's basketball around here but the Washington Husky student newspaper, The Daily, has some power rankings that make for an interesting read. While you're in women's basketball mode, make sure to check out this story on Nia Jackson.
  • From the department of "How can we milk every last dime out of you" department, you too can be the proud owner of your own piece of turf from the National Championship Game! The turf was meticulously removed immediately following the game and is in the process of being freeze-dried. Hang it on your wall or on your desk! Wherever you want to show off your own clod of dirt. 
  • Former Oregon QB Chris Miller is in the running for the Southern Oregon Football Head Coaching job.

In closing, you know we're going to have a Spring Game get together right? Mark it on your calendar. We have one request. If any of you show up in one of these, you certainly will be the talk of the tailgate...

Go Ducks!