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Quack Fix: Ayele Forde, Jake Fisher, Roderick Byers, and Maples Pavilion

I went to bed at 7pm last night and woke up at 8am this morning. My quack fix is awake, just a little late.

  • The men's basketball team goes on the road tonight to face off against the Stanford Cardinal at Maples Pavilion, a place Oregon hasn't won at in 25 years. Look for some more ATQ coverage of the game later today right here. Stanford has been great at home this year, amassing an 8-1 record.
  • The Statesman Journal has a great slideshow and recap of the men's basketball Civil War last weekend. I look forward to seeing some photoshops of the Jared Cunningham dunk.
  • The women's basketball team takes on Stanford at MKA and rebounding will be very important in the game. A men's basketball win would be impressive but if the Lady Ducks can take out the Cardinal... a team that beat UConn earlier this year, that would be huge.
  • We're getting closer and closer to National Signing Day in college football. Roderick Byers has committed which brings a much needed commit to the defensive line. Chip isn't done as he's off to a last minute visit with lineman Jake Fisher, a blue chip prospect from Michigan.
  • Need a Track and Field Fix? There's a big event going on this weekend and the RG has a preview.
  • In closing, I want to note that we talk a lot about the stars that make direct impacts to the various teams around the University. Some are highly sought after recruits and come in with big expectations. Others take a different road. Duck running back Ayele Forde came to Oregon for Digital Art and wasn't heavily recruited by anyone. After a lot of hard work, he made the team as a walk-on and worked on the scout team while redshirting. Make sure you check out this profile about a Duck that doesn't see a lot of the limelight but is a key player in preparing the team for opponents.