Rules for the Recruiting Enthusiast


As Feb 2nd quickly approaches (yes i have that day off and yes i'm annoyed CK won't be announcing the signers till 3pm), here are some quick reminders on how to act like an adult. via Bruce Feldman and My favorites include: 2. When viewing or, if you must, contributing to a recruiting message board discussion with other people in the room, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to have another window or tab open of something that’s potentially less nerdy. 4. Of the guys your team will get verbal commitments from, some will change their minds, some won’t get in, some will get in trouble with the law, and almost all of them won’t meet the crazy expectations bestowed upon them by the "insiders" and "experts." 7. For the most part, if a coach wins much more often than he loses and consistently gets to bowls on or after New Years, it doesn’t matter where his team finishes in the recruiting rankings. The process is fun, but if you’re just as happy out-recruiting your rival as you are blowing them out in November, recalibrate your settings.