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Quack Fix: Devon Blackmon, Brandon Bair, Joe Giansante, and an Early Prediction

For as much pro-Auburn stuff I've seen on ESPN, I see a lot more "famous people love" regarding Oregon out there in fantasy land. Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, the list goes on and on. Say what you want about ESPN being in the tank for the SEC. From what I can tell, we're winning a battle we've been fighting for 20 years... the fight to become a national brand. Let's get to some quack

  • It's easy to get wrapped up in our own little world this bowl season but let's not forget our orange and black neighbors to the north when we talk football. Oregon State will have a profound impact on what will happen on the field next Monday.
  • Devon Blackmon, a four-star wide receiver, committed to Oregon last night over USC and UCLA. He joins fellow four-star wide receiver Tacoi Sumler as commits for next season. I'm a little worried about our lack of defensive line commits at this point but it's a small feeling at this point. After all, according to Rivals, junior college transfer DT Jared Ebert has already signed his LOI.
  • I feel kind of silly for not knowing that Brandon Bair is 26. I also have this voice in my head of Jerry Azzinaro yelling at players to help Brandon with a child's car seat. 
  • News Times has a profile on "chatterbox" Joe Giansante. I know a lot of people give him a hard time for his announcing and rail on him almost every chance they get but it's hard to deny the guy's passion for the University of Oregon. For the record? I thought the video of him pushing Jerry Allen into the pool was great. I would have done the exact same thing if I was in Joe's shoes. 
  • Local fast food chain Burgerville is getting into the BCS Championship Game spirit by offering the Quack Attack Milkshake through January 11th. I know we've mentioned it. I don't care. Gimmie gimmie.
  • Also check out Dave's photo tour of Matthew Knight Arena.  Its the most MKA pictures anywhere on the internet.

At this point, I just want the game to hurry up and get here. The Cam Newton talk is reaching Tim Tebow-like cult status. Before I head off to Glendale on Friday, I wanted to leave some parting thoughts on the game. I understand that different years, different teams but when you get a chance, take a look at last year's Ohio State defense and compare it to this year's Auburn defense. Some quick stats

'10 Auburn - 5.3 ypp given up, 3256 passing yards given up

'09 Ohio State - 4.1 ypp given up, 3410 TOTAL yards given up

Given that Cam Newton is better than Tyrelle Pryor was last year, think about the following

  1. Is our defense better than last year? (close to last year, more experience, yes)
  2. Is our offense better than last year? (+120 ypg this year, more balance in passing, yes)
  3. We scored 18 points on a top defense with a guy that couldn't pass and the above two items are true.

One thing that Ohio State was able to do was rely heavily on their defense to give their offense enough of a chance to win. They had to keep drives alive, get points when the could but their defense stepped up like they had all season. Auburn has gone through the season with their offense bailing them out of games. I believe that Oregon's defense can step up in a way that Ohio State did last year. They may not stop Auburn every time (just like the Buckeyes couldn't stop us every time) but they can do enough to slow them down. I don't think the Auburn D can do the same to us for all 4 quarters.

Ducks go down early but come back late. 37-30 Ducks