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Weekend Quack Fix: Sunday Times Edition, Just One More Day!

I swear today and tomorrow are going to take forever.  Can we get this game on already?  I have to say, I'm really getting into Panic mode as I realized last night that come tomorrow evening I'll either be happier than I've ever been in my life (outside of with my wife or my children) or I'll be heart broken and upset, and I have absolutely no control over which it will be.

Onto the Quack:

  • Moseley was coming fast and furious yesterday with the blog posts.  Here's his latest video of some of the players talking and a smiling, loose Chip Kelly after practice yesterday.
  • More Moseley, more Moseley, more Moseley.
  • Oregon got a huge commit from Oregon high-schooler Colt Lyerla yesterday in the Army All American game.  Looks like Chip Kelly is doing a great job of closing the borders, right benzduck?  This is turning out to be the best recruiting class Oregon has ever had, and most of it is coming off the Rose Bowl trip from last year.  Oregon should be able to use this BCS NCG to springboard into another great class next year.
  • WARNING:  JOHN CANZANO ARTICLE CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Obviously Canzano is trying to find some controversy or fluffer piece that he can put together and ride on the coattails of Oregon success.  Listening to him openly root for Oregon this week has made me sick considering the crap he tossed around at the program in the last two year.  Anyway, this one is about Masoli and how he's matured and what he thinks of Oregon in the Championship Game.  I have to say, I'm glad Masoli is getting past his decisions and the consequences of those decisions, it doesn't change the fact that I think Oregon, on the field, is better off without him. 
  • Ducks basketball lost another one last night to WSU 77-63.  This one hurts though.  Malcolm Armstead didn't play due to a nagging knee injury, Joevan Catron never came out of the locker room after half due to a lower leg injury, and Jeremy Jacob had two ice bags on his knees for the entire second half on the bench.  Once Oregon lost EJ Singler to fouls early in the second, 2 walk ons and two true freshman were seeing significant playing time.  Oregon's lack of depth cannot withstand significant injuries like this.  Hopefully the opening of the new Matt Court this week gives the guys a boost to their play as the So Cal school come in.
  • Lady Ducks got a nice win over the huskies to close out Mac Court.  Good to know that the last team to walk into Mac Court was from UW, and they walked out losers.

That's all I got.  I'm sure there is more Quack out there especially with only one day left till kick off.  Don't bogart the Quack, share in the comments.