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Quack Fix: College Gameday Notes, Anthony Gildon, Power Rankings, and the DE Drinking Game

Name's Smalls. Leonard Smalls. My friends call me Lenny... only I ain't got no friends.

  • Most everyone knows that ESPN College Gameday is coming to Eugene this Saturday to broadcast from the Memorial Quad on campus. A member of ATQ Nation got interviewed about the sign making process, even if they did spell his name wrong in the story. For those that are planning on going to the event, make sure to follow the rules about signs and general behavior. Personal note: I actually met ATQ Nation member AllSaintsDay at a Gameday event when he brought in an "I Declare You Sanchez!" sign. Always love to see ATQ memes on there but remember, no URLs or advertisements or they'll take the sign away.
  • I remember being frustrated at times with Anthony Gildon's play in previous years. This year, I have to say that I've been really impressed at how he's step up on defense and taken more of a leadership role in locking feces down. Lots of good information about Gildon here in this article, including a quote from Chip Kelly about Gildon taking over the role that Talmadge Jackson held.
  • Middle of the week and Autzen Zoo has some Power Rankings for us to consider. I still think Stanford looks the most impressive out of anyone in the conference. Looking at their schedule, I'm struggling to find a loss on it given the way they've been playing. Their biggest test between now and Oregon is maybe USC? Washington? They also avoid Arizona State altogether. 
  • Normally don't like to link to Bleacher Report but one of their contributors list out the Top 9 Ducks in the NFL. St. Louis Rams backup quarterback AJ Feeley makes the list at number 5 which seems a bit high considering who else is on the list but perhaps someone has a good argument? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
  • We have a midwest preview for the big football contest on Saturday where the Ducks are picked to win 34-24 over the Sun Devils. I think the offensive line holds the key to Oregon's chances. Can they give Darron Thomas enough time to eat grilled cheese sandwiches? Will holes open up for the running back stable? I think Kenyon Barner is one guy that needs to show up big time. He's been somewhat invisible since his injury last year against Washington State and this could be his opportunity to showcase his talents again on a big stage.
  • In one of my favorite posts of the early college football season, we head over to the great Utah SB Nation blog Block U for the "Dennis Erickson Drinking Game".

I'm sure I forgot some things. Drop the quack in the comments below. Go Ducks!