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Quack Fix: BCS Standings, Colorado's injury woes, Garrett Sim

Such a thrilling weekend to be a Duck.  Onto the quack!

  • The first BCS standings are out, and Oregon comes in at #10, putting them behind only Arkansas among the one loss teams.  If you're going to lose, you want to lose early, and Oregon is in great shape should there be mass chaos at the top, but at this point, I'm just worried about getting to (and finally winning) a Rose Bowl.
  • Bryan Bennett played extremely well on Saturday, and Moseley notes that he is ready to go if called upon against Colorado.  Given that CU is extraordinairly terrible, I'd give Bennett the start if Darron Thomas is anything less than 100%.
  • Oregon got 'beat Colorado' week off to a good start, as women's soccer took down the Buffs in Boulder 3-1 to even up their record to 7-7 on the season. 
  • The Oregonian has their midseason report card, and Fentress picks Oregon to finish 10-2, losing at Stanford.  While that game is certainly scary, the media consensus is that we're sure to lose it.  I'd like to see Stanford beat somebody with a pulse before making such declarations.
  • Meanwhile, I feel bad for our friends in Colorado.  They've been slaughtered two weeks in a row, their best two players (Paul Richardson and Rodney Stewart) are out, and they have nine defensive backs on the injury report.  Its been a long season in Boulder, and our Ducks are about to make it longer.
  • Finally, in one that we missed last week, Bob Clark of the Register-Guard had a nice profile up on Garrett Sim.  Sim is the last man standing from Ernie Kent's heralded 2008 recruiting class.  His need to be home and love for the school kept him here when everybody else transferred.

That's all my quack for today.  Be sure to leave some extra in the comments.