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12 Pac Review: Hopes get crushed; ASU and Stanford still lead their divisions and Mike Stoops needs to stop

Quite a bit more settling happened in the Pac 12 this weekend. Let's dive right in and take a look at the action:


1. Stanford 45 vs Ucla 19 - You already know he's probably the best QB in college football. You're probably also aware that he is deadly with his legs and can rush well. Most of you have seen the hit that he made on Shareece Wright, but did you know that Andrew Luck can make one handed catches on the sideline for first downs? Let's be honest, Ucla never had a shot in this one, and Luck made a one handed snag to keep their first drive going that ended in a touchdown and pretty much crushed any hope the Bruins had of pulling off an upset.

2. Oregon

3. washington 31 at Utah 14 - Welcome to the big boy conference Utah, here's your 0-2 start and your injured QB. Uw put an ass kicking on the Utes including forcing 5 turnovers, rushing for 185 yards and passing for 226. Speaking of which, I have a question for husky fans; Knowing what you know now, if it were possible, would you want Locker back for this season? Would you give up Keith Price for another year of inconsistent erratic Locker? And what the hell was with Sark leaving Price in so long into the 4th when he was no longer needed? The guy could barely take a knee for the final play. The bye week couldn't come any sooner for the huskies, and the road gets even harder for the Utes as they have to take on ASU next week.

4. Cal

5. Washington State 31 at Colorado 27 - We really aren't treating our new Pac 12 brothers very well now are we? Colorado had done a good job all day of bottling up one of the best Pac 12 receivers, Marquess Wilson, until the last minute of the game. Wulff called a hitch and go and Colorado bit hard leaving nothing but green in front of Wilson and a big time conference win for WSU. If the Cougs have any hope of going bowling this year, this was a game they had to have.

6. Oregon State


1. Arizona State 35 vs Oregon State 20 - Ok, so here's what we're going to do. We're going to spot you 13 points, not score for at least the first quarter and turn the ball over 3 times. Sound good? Think you can still win? Yeah, me neither. After giving OSU 13 points and a little hope of a victory this season, ASU reeled off 21 straight points to end the first half and crushed any thought of it. Riley really is going all in on this Sean Mannion experiment as he had him pass 66 times, which included 4 INTs, for 341 yards.

2. USC 48 vs Arizona 41 - Matt Barkley set a school record with 468 passing yards on 32/39 attempts. It doesn't hurt to have Robert Woods on your team. Woods added on to his Pac 12 leading 492 yards with another 255 on 14 receptions. Nick Foles was still trying to shake out the cobwebs as he threw his first interception of the season in the first quarter. Arizona made a valiant effort to come back but just came up short. The Wildcats have a lot of problems though. They struggle to run the ball consistently, their kicker has a serious voodoo jinx on him, and their defense isn't very good. But the biggest problem Arizona has is on their sideline. Mike Stoops is an embarrassment to Arizona and college football. I don't find him yelling at his players, berating the refs or screaming so hard he spits at his coaches funny at all. It's disturbing and unnecessary and really needs to stop.

3. Utah

4. Arizona

5. Colorado

6. Ucla

Next Week's Games:

Cal at Oregon
Arizona at Oregon St
Arizona St at Utah
Colorado at Stanford
Washington St at Ucla