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Cliff Harris cited for DWS, uninsured, no seatbelt

Bad Cliffy, bad Cliffy, bad Cliffy.

I'd venture to guess that we may not see Cliff Harris on the field again this season.  Such a talented, likable kid.  Hope he can one day learn how to get it together.

UPDATE:  Per Aaron Fentress:

Eugene police director of public information Melinda Kletzok said a motorcycle officer pulled Harris over at 2:06 p.m. after he made a left turn from Hilyard Street to travel west on East Broadway because the officer noticed the All-American cornerback was not wearing a seatbelt.

During the traffic stop, the officer learned that Harris was driving with a suspended and without insurance. The car, which Kletzok said belongs to a family member, was impounded.

Why is anybody letting this guy borrow a car?

Dave Williford, Oregon director of media relations, said there would be no comment from the athletic department until there is verification of the details surrounding the incident.

Which is the appropriate response now.  But this thing is going to stick. 


Rob Moseley
Cliff Harris has been suspended again while UO investigates latest incident. Includes "complete prohibition from all football activities."

Interesting.  This is inconsistent with Chip Kelly's past of "waiting until all the facts are in."  Cliff clearly needs football taken away for awhile, but I hope he's not kicked out of the program.