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Quack Fix: Cliff Harris' suspended license takes center stage

A big win at Colorado followed up by more Cliff Harris issues.  A decent amount of quack out there this morning.

  • Well, shit.  Cliff Harris was out driving again yesterday.  Without a seatbelt, license or insurance.  Harris has been suspended and will be withheld from all team activities.  Here are stories on the latest incident by  Moseley and Aaron Fentress
  • Moseley's feature today is on Oregon's punt coverage team which has been outstanding this year.  Rob notes that the teams is currently ranked first in the nation in net punting and has allowed only 41 yards on 27 punts.  That is pretty remarkable.  
  • Fentress also looks at Oregon's penchant for having big second halves, particularly in games where the Ducks are close or losing at half.  Fentress notes that in 10 such games, Oregon has outscored their opponents 257-68 after the break.
  • Bob Clark today examines the generally poor records former conference coaches have had at other schools, including Bob Toledo, Mike Price, Dick Tomey and others.  He uses this as a caution to Mike Bellotti to not be too eager to find another coaching gig.  Personally, if Bellotti truly wants to coach again, I hope he finds the right fit and finds a lot of success, even if it is in the Pac-12. 
  • Oregon and Stanford again swapped places in Ted Miller's weekly power rankings, with the Ducks back in the #2 position.  Miller also tabs Josh Kaddu as his weekly defensive standout after his performance against the Buffaloes on Saturday.  Finally, Darron Thomas was one of four conference QBs named as semifinalists for the Davey O'Brien award
  • Also, KEZI talks with Terrell Turner about how guests on his "Rollin' Live with 45" segment seem to have big games after their appearances.  
  • While there is still no official plan on what to do with Mac Court, it is currently being used for club sports and intramurals.  The plan that seemed to have the most traction a year or two ago was to use the site as a new home for the architecture school, though a decision had never been made on whether to renovate the existing building or tear it down and build something from scratch.


Go Ducks!