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Quack Fix: Cliff Harris contesting traffic citations, Tuel out for Washington State

Sometimes, some crimes

Go slipping through the cracks

But these two, gumshoes

Are picking up the slack

There's no case too big

No case to small

When you need help just call

Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers!

  • More news on the Cliff Harris front, and it could be good news for Cliff's future. Cliff is seeking legal counsel to fight the traffic citations for driving while suspended and driving uninsured.  Cliff's father says that Harris' suspension in California was lifted after he paid his fines, and that he has a letter stating that his Oregon suspension was to be lifted sixty days after paying his Oregon fine, a timeframe that has already passed.  He also says that the car was insured and that Cliff, being a licensed driver, would be covered under that insurance policy.  This is an interesting turn of events that, if true, leaves a lot of Oregon fans and media with egg on their faces.  It also means a very different future for Cliff, with just a citation for not wearing a seatbelt, and potentially a very different future with this team then what we were speculating a day ago.
  • Marshall Lobbestael will start in place of Jeff Tuel at Autzen this weekend, as Tuel not only reinjured his collarbone, but has acute compartment syndrome, a disorder that almost caused Cougar RB James Montgomery to lose his leg a few years back.  Tuel is having all kinds of bad luck this season, and ATQ wishes him a full recovery, and to be blessed with health next season.
  • We mentioned before that volleyball had a big weekend, sweeping the Washington schools.  Sophomore setter Lauren Plum was named AVCA national player of the week.
  • Believe it or not, its almost basketball season, and the first exhibition game is only a week away. I'm curious if the NBA lockout will have more fans tuning into college hoops this season?
  • Rob Moseley's football notes say that LaMicahel James is ready to go "if the team needs me."  Lets hope that the team isn't in a position to "need" him against Washington State.  Also of note in that section is that Ricky Heimuli left practice on crutches after an undisclosed injury.  I'll assume he's day-to-day.

Stay tuned after the jump for video of Carson York.  And, as always, feel free to share more quack.

Carson York