College Gameday/Early Game/Pre-game Open Thread

It's probably much warmer in Los Angeles right now for College Gameday than it was in Eugene a few weeks ago.  Although the Gameday crew apparently had to coerce people to come with food.  Wusses.

Here's a breakdown of Oregon's offense as seen against Colorado

And Washington State's offense as seen against Oregon State

And then the unofficial weekly preview of the big games on the day.

College Gameday is in Los Angeles for Stanford @ USC.  Full game schedule after the jump.

9 - Michigan State at Nebraska ESPN/3, Missouri at Texas A&M on FX, Purdue at Michigan ESPN2/3,

9:21 - Arkansas at Vanderbilt ESPN3

9:30 - VaTech at Duke ESPN3

12- WSU at Oregon

12:30 - Baylor at Oklahoma State ABC, ESPN2/3, Oklahoma at Kansas State ESPN/3, Illinois at Penn State ABC ESPN2/3, Georgia at Florida CBS, WVU at Rutgers ABC ESPN3, Navy at Notre Dame NBC

3:30 Colorado at Arizona State

4 - Ole Miss at Auburn ESPNU, Kansas at Texas LHN (so no one), Cal at UCLA, OSU at Utah

4:15 - South Carolina at Tennessee ESPN2/3

5 - Clemson at Georgia Tech ABC ESPN3, Stanford at USC ABC ESPN3

7:30 Arizona at Washington

And those are the games!

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