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12 Pac Review: ASU locks up the the awful Pac 12 South, Oregon suffers a huge loss in win, Prince leads comeback against Cougs

Are you in need of a turnover? Wouldn't you like it if someone just handed you a short field and easy points? Has your team not caused a turnover in a couple of games? Well come play us at Rice-Eccles Stadium where we guarantee we'll turn the ball over more times than your team has seen all year. We're the Utah Utes, and our business is giving you the ball, even when you didn't ask for it.


Operators are standing by to take your turnover orders and offers for acceptance into your conference.




1. Stanford 48 vs Colorado 7 – How do you prepare for Andrew Luck and the Stanford passing attack? You suspend 4 of your defensive backs and 5 guys overall and switch some offensive players to defense. Yeah, that didn't work so well for the Buffs. Colorado was already decimated with injuries, and the suspensions didn't help any as Luck and Stanford carved up the Buffs defense. The Tree has an incredibly easy schedule this year (no ASU and Oregon and Uw at home) but their schedule starts to get a little tougher as they travel to the Palouse to take on the Cougs.


2. Oregon 43 vs Cal 15 – It was a tale of two halves. The first half saw Oregon fans worried about the passing game, but incredibly happy about LaMichael James. The second half saw Oregon fans happy about the passing game and incredibly worried about LaMichael James. No one knows for sure how long James will be out, luckily Oregon has the depth, but not the talent to replace James. Unfortunately, that depth will be tested quickly as the South leading Sun Devils head to Autzen next week, in what could end up being a preview of the Pac 12 Championship Game.


3. Washington


4. Cal – The Bears had massive trouble converting on third down all night as Maynard continued his erratic play. One thing I don't understand, when Maynard throws the ball, he whips his head so he can barely see where he's throwing it. I thought Tedford was supposed to be this amazing QB coach. How is it possible that I notice this and he doesn't?


5. Washington St 25 at Ucla 28 – This was a tough loss for the Cougs. They'll look back on this game and think about what could've been. Three trips inside the Ucla 10 yard line and three field goals early in the game. What could've been. Ucla starter Richard Brehaut went down with a broken leg early in the first half and Kevin Prince came in and led the come back to give the Bruins the victory. WSU will benefit from their starter Jeff Tuel returning in the next week, but this is a game they really needed.


6. Oregon State 37 vs Arizona 27 – It's October right? Guess it's time for OSU to start winning games they're not supposed to. It doesn't hurt when you have the mental giant Mike Stoops on the other sideline. OSU jumped out to a 27-6 halftime lead and after 2 turnovers early in the third by Arizona, OSU had stretched that lead to 30-6. Then Arizona realized they had Nick Foles, and that they were playing OSU, so they started throwing deep and converting. Arizona got it to a 3 point game with 11 minutes left, but Stoops decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.




1. Arizona St 35 at Utah 14 – ASU struggled early in this one as Utah's defense played good fundamentals and the Sun Devils had problems driving it the length of the field. Osweiler broke out in the second half as he threw 2 of his 3 touchdowns and he capitalized time and again on Utah turnovers. ASU has some more big receivers, their defense is as talented and as experienced as any in the conference. If they can win the battle between the ears, ASU should be able to easily hold onto their lead in the Pac 12 South.


2. USC


3. Ucla – Really? Ucla is third in the Pac 12 South? Holy hell, they're the only team left with a Pac 12 victory. Colorado is 0-2. Utah is 0-3. Arizona is 0-4. How crappy is the Pac 12 South? I feel horrible even defending the South for one minute before the season started.





6. Ari-tah-rado


Next Week's Games:
USC at Cal (Thursday Night Game)

Utah at Pitt

Colorado at washington


Stanford at WSU

ASU at Oregon