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JOIN US! Tuesdays at 9PM PT for ATQ's Tuesday Night Talks

The responses to our podcasts have been amazing, and with 300-400 downloads per episode, its obvious that people are listening.  That said, we're not resting on our laurels, and we're continually seeking to improve the experience.  So what better week than Hate Week to roll out something new?

The ATQ Podcast is now ATQ's Tuesday Night Talks.  These will always take place live each Tuesday at 9:00 PT during football and basketball season, and during selected Tuesdays in the offseason.  You will always get myself and Matt Daddy, with other ATQ moderators and special guests joining us each episode.  There are also three features that will make this an interactive experience for the listeners:

  • Every Tuesday, there will be a thread where you can offer suggestions for topics on that day's show.
  • There will be an open thread on ATQ for every show, where listeners can discuss the topics that we are debating or ask questions during the show.
  • You will also be able to call in and talk to us in person.  Unlike some of our past live shows, this will be more like the radio where you offer your question or opinion, and then we'll comment while you're off air.  This allows us to get to more calls and questions.

To call in, you need to create a Talkshoe account, so that we know who we're talking to (otherwise, it'll just show up to us as whatever state you're calling from, which isn't helpful to us when we have three people calling in as 'Oregon'.  Your Talkshoe handle doesn't have to be the same as your ATQ handle, but let us know who you are in the thread so that we can properly identify you.  And, of course, the show will still be available in podcast form after the recording, so that you can listen to it at your leisure.

Show and call-in information will be posted in the open thread tonight.  In the meantime, what would you like us to discuss?