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The Homer's Guide: Revisiting Seven Straight

 Happy I Hate washington Week.

My memories are filled with games from my younger days, when upsetting the mighty huskies could make a whole season.  Who could forget Terry Obee sealing the win in 1988?

 And of course the Pick:

Or Pat Johnson's catch to nab the upset in 1997:

 All of those memories are most beautiful.  That said, the recent history of the series hasn't needed such heroics, as uw has been handed the beatings that they so richly deserve.  As Oregon prepares for blowout number eight in a row, we'd be remiss if we didn't revisit each of the previous seven in all their glory:

2004:  Oregon starts off its streak by thrashing the fuskies 31-9 at Autzen.  Neither team broke 300 yards of offense, but washington QB Casey Paus got picked off four times and washington lost three fumbles in a display of ineptitude that dropped them to 1-7 on the season.  Oregon marched 80 yards down the field on the first possession and took the lead on this TD pass from Kellen Clemens to Cameron Colvin:



washington rolls into Autzen for the second year in a row, and again is routed, 45-21.  The huskies actually had some hope early, as they scored the first touchdown, but Oregon went on to score 38 unanswered, as Kellen Clemens torched a terrible uw secondary for 424 yards and four TD passes, and Oregon rolled up nearly 600 yards of total offense, dropping washington to 1-5 on the season:



A scheduling quirk bring uw to Autzen for the third year in a row, and they once again get run out of the building, 34-14.  washington put up a bit more of a fight this time, it being a three point game early in the third, but Oregon went on to score the last 17 unanswered.  Oregon put up 316 rushing yards on a pathetic uw defense:


Oregon finally returns to husky Stadium, and the most legendary game of the streak commences.  The debut of the storm troopers produces a rushing display for the ages as Oregon racks up 465 yards on the ground, and the full glory of the read option is unveiled as neither FSN cameras, nor Husky fans, realize that Jonathan Stewart didn't get wrapped up and that Dennis Dixon is scampering down the sideline.  Stewart had 257 rushing yards, but Dixon had 107 and Andre Crenshaw had his best game as a Duck with113.  Oregon has 661 yards of total offense.  uw provided resistance, and the game was inexplicably tied going into the 4th, but 24-3 shellacking ended any hopes of a whelp win.  Be sure to watch this video to the end, because Ty Willingham was awesome:



uw comes back to Autzen, this time in the season opener in what would turn out to be the greatest season of husky football in history.  The game was a 44-10 rout.  Jeremiah Johnson scored two touchdowns, Jeremiah Masoli threw for two, and Terrence Scott lit up the secondary for 117 yards.  Meanwhile, Jake Locker was 12-28 and sacked three times in a typical Locker-esque performance.  uw would go on to be the only 0-12 team in Pac-10 history.


Oregon returns to montlake and the result is predictable, a 43-19 thrashing.  LaMichael James goes for 156 and two scores, and Masoli rushes for 85 and two scores as well.  Special teams also play a role, as Rory Cavaille recovers a blocked punt for a TD, and Nate Costa gets not only a two pointer, but convers a fake field goal for a first down that would lead to a TD.  Meanwhile, Jake Locker throws two picks and is sacked four times.


washington comes to Autzen again, and it ends pretty much like their last several trips, 55-16.  We didn't get to see any more Jake Locker ineptitude, and Keith Price made the start, and uw was within five in the third quarter, until Oregon ended the game on a 35-3 run.  LaMichael James rushed for 123 and two scores, DT had 250 through the air and over 100 on the ground, and Keith Price was sacked five times.

 Seven blowouts in a row, all of them beautiful.  Here's to many, many more.

Thanks to those who posted video of these games, especially keeerrrttt, jtlight, and madmike1951.