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The Netglow File: Reliving 0-12, White Hot Loins, and Coach Forrest Gump

Everyone loves the Internet. It's that dark, mysterious place where everyone gets to shout out amazing and insightful things, all with the veil of anonymity. Every now and then, we come across some wonderful gems that we can't help but share to a broader audience. Everyone has their moment online, some just didn't know how truly amazing their insight was until now. The following represent true, unadulterated wisdom from this past weekend. Bask in their glory.

"when are ppl gonna stop talking about 0-12? I mean, Christ, that was three years ago. That’s enough time to put together a competitive squad. The progress has overall been ok, but these embarrassing losses are starting to get old. Plus, you know very well that the 0-12 team was good enough to win at least 3-4 games. The players gave up on Ty and Jake got injured. Hard to overcome that." -- SBNation user PurpleHaze11 commenting on frustration about negativity on UW Dawg Pound. source

This is one of those quotes that has a lot going on. The context was that USC was in the middle of dispatching Washington's chances in their game Saturday in Los Angeles. Being a successful football team is more than just having talent. It takes coaching, motivation, heart, teamwork, all of the elements that make team sports successful. There is no way you are convincing me that that team, under any circumstances, was good enough to win 3-4 games and if that's the measuring stick you are using for that season, that is an amazing amount of positive spin. It's part of your history now, you have to own it. You will never EVER hear the end of it.

"Just got back from the game. Been tailgating since 2. Feeling to my extremities is slowly coming back. Except for my loins, which have been white hot for a solid three hours now. I love you so much, Connor and I don’t care who knows it…" -- SB Nation user BigWood commenting on Connor Halliday and his performance for Washington State against Arizona State. source

Congratulations to the Washington St. Cougars and their big win against the Arizona St. Sun Devils this weekend. Halliday put on a helluva performance and would have gotten more accolades had the game been played earlier in the day and not from the remote colonies of Eastern Washington. I'm not sure what to think when someone named "BigWood" talking about loving someone a lot and referring to their genital region as "white hot". Since people are celebrating Movember, all I can ask is if he was looking for a moustache ride.

""It just didn't feel like good football?" Really? You think, Coach Forrest Gump? What was your first, second, third and fourth clue? I know it's a young team and it has this 'great attitude,' but you stink. Oregon will have to try hard not to score 100 on you and I say that as a Beaver fan." -- user beervendor commenting on Oregon State's loss to Cal. source

Oregon State had a tough time in the Bay Area with Cal, taking a loss at the hands of the Bears, 23-6. I like Mike Riley but the youth excuse only goes so far. When you look at the body of work, you have a team that is consistently unprepared for the start of the season and a program that has fallen fast after being at the doorstep of the Rose Bowl for two straight years. The football team is in danger of being "Jay John" territory and given the financial reliance athletic departments have on football revenue, OSU cannot afford to let it get that bad.

-- Dominic

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