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College Gameday/Early Game/Pre-game Open Thread

It's a great Saturday for college football and gameday is at SMU @ Houston for reasons beyond my comprehension.

You can find my weekly picks here.

My analysis of Oregon's offense here.

And my analysis of Oregon's defense here.

Below this article should be the advanced statistical analysis for the USC game titled "What the Numbers Say."  We can probably use this thread up until the pregame thread, whenever another mod posts it.  After last night the bCS game got a whole lot more interesting since it now basically comes down to a contest between Alabama and Oregon for the second spot in the BCS title game.  Schedule for the day's games after the jump.

9 - Nebraska at Michigan ESPN/3, Wisconsin at Illinois ESPN2/3, Louisville at Connecticut ESPN3, Cincinnati at Rutgers ESPNU, Iowa at Purdue BTN

9:21 - Kentucky at Georgia ESPN3

12:30 - Miss St. at Arkansas CBS, Clemson at NC State ESPN/3/ABC, SMU at Houston, Penn State at Ohio State ESPN/3/ABC, Miami at South Florida ESPNU, Texas Tech at Missouri ABC/ESPN3, Washington at Oregon State

1 - BC at Notre Dame NBC

4 - LSU at Ole Miss ESPN/3, Vandy at Tennessee ESPNU

4:30 - Virginia at Florida State ESPN2/3, Colorado at UCLA

5 - USC at Oregon, Oklahoma at Baylor ABC/ESPN3, Kansas State at Texas FX

6:30 - Arizona at Arizona State

7:15 - Cal at Stanford ESPN/ESPN3