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College Gameday/Early Game Open Thread

It's Civil War week and I couldn't be happier to play the Beavers, but my heart is heavy knowing this is also the last week of regular season college football.  Part of me wishes Oregon could lock up the Rose Bowl with a win over the Beavers but another part is overcome with joy at the prospects of Oregon hosting just one more game.  Friday featured a great set of games and Saturday has an even better slate with it being rivalry week. 

My picks for the weekend, had a rough start but then again shouldn't be picking Big East games, nobody should.


Thursday we saw Texas beat Texas A&M 27-25.  Friday we saw Houston 48-Tulsa 16, Nebraska 20-Iowa7, Louisville 34 - South Florida 24 (Louisville wins share of BEast title), LSU 41 - Arkansas 17, Colorado 17 - Utah 14 Haha lulz, BC 24 - Miami 17, WVU 21 - Pitt 20, Cal 47 - 38 (the collapse is complete)

Full list of games for Saturday after the jump.

9 - Iowa State at Oklahoma FX, Georgia at Georgia Tech ESPN/3, Michigan State (Legends champ) at Northwestern BTN, Ohio State at Michigan ABC, Rutgers at Connecticut ESPN2/3, Cincinnati at Syracuse ESPN3, Tennessee at Kentucky ESPN3

11 - Wyoming at Boise State, Nevada at Utah State ESPN3

12:30 - Oregon State at Oregon ABC/ESPN2/3 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Alabama at Auburn CBS, Virginia Tech at Virginia ABC/ESPN2/3, Penn State at Wisconsin ESPN/3 (decides Leaders division), Purdue at Indiana BTN, Duke at North Carolina ESPN3

4 - Texas Tech at Baylor, Florida State at Florida ESPN2/3, Ole Miss at Miss St ESPNU

4:30- Washington State at Washington VS

4:45-Clemson at South Carolina ESPN/3

5 - Notre Dame at Stanford ABC

7 - UCLA at USC

8 - Tulane at Hawaii, which means the best home play by play crew in the nation.  Seriously, it's worth the watch.