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UO students and alumni: OUS meeting PROTEST Monday

Join me at the OUS meeting Monday at Portland State University to protest the termination of President Lariviere.  Details from the UO Senate:



Here is some additional info about Monday's OUS Board Meeting.

TIME: 2-5pm. The Board will meet in Executive Session at 2pm. The  public part of the meeting will begin at approximately 3pm. Senate  President Robert Kyr will speak shortly after the beginning of the  public meeting.

LOCATION: OUS Boardroom, 1800 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 515, Portland State  University campus, Academic and Student Recreation Center, Portland, OR, 97201

PRE-MEETING GATHERING: The Oregon Business Institute in Portland has  generously offered the use of several rooms for us to gather prior to  the meeting.

OBI is in the 200 Market Street building. That is between 2nd and 3rd  Avenues on Market Street. It is roughly 3 blocks from the OUS Boardroom.


By bus: The UO Alumni Association has generously offered to provide two  buses for this event. Buses will leave at 12:15 pm Monday from the front  of the Ford Alumni Center.

By car: OBI has a parking garage under their building which they have  offered for our use. The garage is located on Market Street immediately  after passing by 3rd Avenue  You will need to pull a ticket and go up to  the OBI office to obtain free validation stickers.

Carpooling: Please send a message to N. Tublitz at  if you need a ride or have available space in your vehicle.

ATTIRE: Please wear UO colors if possible.

We are hoping for a huge turnout at the Board Meeting in support of our  President. Please feel free to pass this on to others.