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Jersey Contest: Week 11

In case you missed it over the weekend, here are the updated standings.  As always, the rules for the contest can be found here: PickEmRules

As with the last two weeks, you may now submit picks via the comments (in lieu of or as a "backup"), under the following rules:

  1. Any comment picks will automatically overwrite any picks made via the form, regardless of timestamp (i.e, submitting picks via the form after you made your picks via comment will not count). If you wish to change your picks that you have made via a comment, you will need to make those changes via comment as well (i.e., reply to your original comment with your changes).
  2. If you make your picks via comment, there is no need to also include your passphrase or email.  Just include your picks (and justification, if you are so inclined).
  3. When you make your picks via comment, the picks must be clear (i.e., no witty nicknames that I have to try and translate). If I can’t resolve your pick with minimal effort then it won’t count.  Note, this also includes things like: "all home teams."   You *must* explicitly pick each game.

And, here are this week's games:

  • Oregon at Stanford
  • Michigan at Illinois
  • Texas at Missouri
  • North Carolina State at Boston College
  • UCLA at Utah