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Your Brent Musberger Oregon/Stanford Drinking Game

This is the most perfectly executed hand-off any quarterback has ever completed.
This is the most perfectly executed hand-off any quarterback has ever completed.

If there's anything we love at ATQ, it's terrible announcing. Though unfortunately, the last few crews have been quite the disappointment. Yeah, they've been terrible, but it was a With WSU and Colorado, Oregon got the Root Sports B team, and the Petros special last weekend. It's been amateur hour, honestly. It's too easy to make fun of those crews. There was no sport.

But this weekend, we get Brent Musburger, who in his senility has been taking things to a whole new level of preposterous. Who can forget the ASU classic? Conversations about the tallest QBs in the nation, discussions of who a former Oregon cheerleader was dating. It was a delight. 

This week, we get to see the Musberger slobber all over Andrew Luck. Since not all of us are lucky enough to be able to listen to Jerry Allen audio instead, we need to have something to make this interesting.

So grab that Dr. Delight, and enjoy some spectacularly awful announcing this weekend.

Andrew Luck related

  • If Musberger says "NFL-ready," take a drink.
  • If Musberger or Herbie praise Andrew Luck for an act that any competent QB should be able to execute (i.e. fake a handoff), take a drink.
  • If Musberger praises Luck for eschewing NFL glory and returning to school for another year, take a drink.
  • If Musberger tries to give Andrew Luck the Heisman while on air, finish your drink.

Oregon related

  • If Musberger calls Darron Thomas a dangerous runner, take a drink.
  • If Musberger says, "LaHeisman," finish your drink.


  • When Musberger says, "you are looking live!" take a drink.
  • When Musberger starts talking about something only barely tangentially related to the game, start drinking. Don't stop until Musberger returns to the game.
  • If Musberger calls touchdown before an actual touchdown is scored, take a drink and don't stop until the touchdown is scored. If the touchdown isn't made, finish your drink.
  • If Musberger calls someone by the wrong name, or refers to a player by pronoun only (because he obviously doesn't have any idea who the player is), take a drink.
  • If Musgerger or Herbie contrast Oregon's speed and Stanford's physicality, take a drink.
  • If Herbie misdiagnoses a zone read, proclaim your football accumen to all around you and finish your drink.

I'm sure there are many other worthy additions. Leave your custom rules in the comments. GO DUCKS!