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Tuesday Night Talks: Is Oregon worthy of a National Championship rematch with LSU?

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A reminder to everyone that the second ATQ Tueday Night Talk is scheduled for tonight at 9 PM Pacific.  We had a great group of Quack Addicts join us last week, and look forward to more tonight.  You can listen to the show, chat, and call in by visiting the Tuesday Night Talks page on Talkshoe.

As always, Matt Daddy and myself will be on the call.  Here is the tentative agenda:

1.  Thoughts on the Oregon win against washington

2.  A look around the Pac-12

3.  Should UO win out and Oklahoma State falls, is UO the most deserving one loss team to play for a national championship?

4.  A look at Oregon's weekend matchup with Stanford.

What else would you like us to address?