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Quack Fix: Jabari Brown Update, Volleyball All-American, Jeff Maehl, and Adding Beef

Coach, I can't do it. I've ruined you, I've ruined myself, I've ruined the University of California. I couldn't face that crowd to save my life. Roy, get up and go back out there — the game is only half over.

  • Former Oregon Ducks men's basketball player Jabari Brown looks to be narrowing his options as he looks to move on from his brief tenure with Dana Altman's program. Apparently the two leading contenders are the Missouri Tigers and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Both programs would allow him to step in and be the big fish in a small pond talent-wise. It's too bad that Oregon didn't work out for Brown, but I'm glad he's getting some interest from other teams despite his propensity to bounce around from school to school.
  • The Oregon Volleyball team picked up their seventh Academic All-American honor in program history when it was announced that outside hitter Katherine Fischer won the award for the second year in a row. Congratulations to Katherine!
  • Although many questions are asked and answered in this piece, I do enjoy the premise of which "minor" college football bowl game interests me the most. I'd have to say that the Ohio State and Florida matchup is intriguing to me on a number of levels. Urban Meyer, BCS Championship Game rematch from a few years ago, among other reasons. Also, someone gives a wild prediction on this year's Rose Bowl matchup and if I didn't know better, I would say someone is an Oregon Ducks homer!
  • In track news, University of Portland standout Trevor Dunbar will be doning the green and yellow... and black... and steel in efforts to further his track career. There is some nice audio and a small transcript here.
  • How is Jeff Maehl doing for the Houston Texans? He's gotten positive reviews from the other players and coaching staff and is shooting to have an understanding of the playbook for this Sunday's contest against Jonathan Stewart's Carolina Panthers.
  • The Oregon Athletic Department has a new face running around. Eric Roedl takes over the Chief Financial Officer position from Jamie Moffett who began a new role as the University's vice president of finances and administration.
  • Need some recruiting updates? Check out some defensive lineman news from Duck Sports Authority courtesy of Oregon Live.

So happy for it to be Friday, there's really only one song I can think of to make it all that much better.