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Quack Fix: Football Team Makes Guys Dumberer (sic), Beverly Hills Spirit Campaign and Boseko Lokembo

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Everything about Wisconsin's offensive line is just swell!

  • In a study that should hold up to all kinds of scrutiny from all different angles, a study at the University of Oregon found that the more the football team wins, the more male students' grades drop. I'm also sure no one would make a claim about how athletics are prioritized over academics and that's why this is an issue. Although it might be a little difficult to gauge given the tremendous success of these programs, I'd like to see a similar comparison to a Duke or North Carolina during March Madness.
  • Some various notes from this Register-Guard article including Rose Bowl prep information and how similar it is to 2009, a note about when the Pac-12 Football schedule will be released and also some notes about recent UO commit Kyle Long who is the son of Hall of Fame NFL great Howie Long.
  • Darron Thomas is referring to the Rose Bowl preparation as a "Second Fall Camp" because of the extended sessions without playing a game since the Pac-12 Championship Game at Autzen Stadium against UCLA. A major difference from a typical fall camp is that there is no tackling Also of note, Oregon is the "home team" and will be wearing a dark color combination. In your predictions, make sure to take into account that we've been asked to wear yellow.
  • Looking to score some deals in Beverly Hills? Apparently there is a spirit campaign going on to get deals at various businesses in the city. Wear your gear, follow a twitter account, yadda yadda. My wife and I got a wonderful deal at the Musical Instrument Museum during our trip to the BCS National Championship game last year by wearing our gear.
  • David Piper was kind enough to invite me out to watch the Men's Basketball Team take on North Carolina Central. After watching the first half where Oregon shot 20% from the field and 10% from beyond the arc, I've decided that Dave hates me and doesn't value my friendship AT ALL. Why does he hate me so much? Why did I deserve such punishment? It was all good though as the Ducks turned it on in the second half.
  • Oregon Live has a great feature on Boseko Lokembo.
Remember. Quack, quack, pass. Go Ducks!