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Rose Bowl 2012: Oregon To Wear New Uniforms with Winged Helmets

[Editors Note: Because of this uniform news, we've kept this post at the top of the site. Scroll down for today's quack fix.]

Well, the rumors are true. Oregon will wear new uniforms for the 2012 Rose Bowl. has shots of the new uniforms in slideshow form.

The uniforms themselves aren't especially different, with only a few noticeable changes.

The most noticeable change are the helmets. The O is no longer on the sides of the helmet, but a single O is on the back. One the sides are the wings that have been on Oregon's jerseys the last few years. Also, the helmet has a "LiquidMetal black finish," different from the matte black helmets the Ducks currently wear.

Another important change in design in the loss of Oregon's previous font, Bellotti Bold. Oregon claims, "A completely re-designed number system boasting an iridescent sheen similar to that on a mallard’s feathers. The larger, bolder numbers shift in color as they move." While that sounds nice, I'll just be glad to have some differentiation between the numbers. The previous fonts were especially tough to notice a difference many numbers, especially when jerseys would bunch, which was very common with the new substances.

Lastly, the wings on the shoulder pads have changed, to cover more of the pad, almost like a mix of the diamond plate and the wing.

Of course, any new uniform iteration will come with performance enhancements. The uniforms are made of "Nike Chain Maille Mesh technology," whatever that is.

There has been much speculation in recent days that Oregon would not have their typical three-year uniform redesign, but it seems that will not be the case. Oregon's SID, Andy McNamara noted that these changes were for the Rose Bowl and beyond. But despite the helmet changes, and I'll withhold judgement until I see them in person, this seems like a change that I can get behind.

What are your thoughts? Yay or nay? Vote in the poll below, and leave your comments. GO DUCKS!