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College Gameday and Saturday Game Open Thread

The Ducks are headed to the Rose Bowl, and one of the best things to come from a game on Friday night is that there is still a full day of college football on Saturday. College Gameday is at the SEC Championship game in Atlanta where Georgia is playing LSU. All my observations from the early part will be below as I'm assuming everyone reading this is seeing this for the first time after 7 am.

Here is my recap of the PAC12 championship game on SFAS and here's my weekend picks.

Now we have the opportunity to watch the two teams Oregon could be playing in the Rose Bowl play each other in the BIG Championship game in Indiana (brownie points to the guy who faked that the BIG needed seat fillers). Full schedule of the games after the jump.

9 - So. Miss at Houston ABC, Syracuse at Pitt ESPN2/3, Connecticut at Cincinnati (If Cincinnati wins WVU wins the conference, otherwise Louisville does) ESPN/3

9:30 - Iowa State at Kansas State

12:30 - Texas at Baylor ABC

1 - Georgia vs. LSU in SEC Title game (CBS)

4:30 - BYU at Hawaii ESPN2 (God I hope that Hawaii is able to use their own announcer, but I doubt it)

5 - Oklahoma at Oklahoma State - ABC, Virginia Tech at Clemson in the ACC Title Game ESPN/3/3D

5:17 - Wisconsin at Michigan State in the BIG Title Game on FOX