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FREE BEER! Rose Bowl blog bet with Off Tackle Empire

Oregon has been to--and lost--two straight BCS games. Our Ducks go up against Wisconsin representing all of our football hopes and dreams. Yet, if there is one thing ATQ is about more than football, its beer. And having the chance to score free beer is something that no good Quack Addict can pass up. Hilary Lee of SBN's Big Ten football blog Off Tackle Empire approached me with an offer I couldn't refuse. Not just a blog bet--but a beer bet. When Oregon wins the Rose Bowl, Hilary will send me a six pack of Wisconsin's finest to share with Shu, Dom and Matt Daddy at the next get together. Should Wisconsin inexplicably cheat and pull off the victory, its a sixer of Ninkasi Total Domination leaving my fridge and headed to the midwest and, because I'm such a nice guy, I'll throw in a couple of Jubelales as well.

The risks here are steep. Should 95 years of misery be extended to 96, I'll be losing my beer to drown my sorrows in. But, if there is beer in this world to be tried, I know that JShufelt must try it. I am willing to make this sacrifice for the potential reward. And if Chip Kelly pulls this game off, he has brought us the greatest gift a man can give--free beer.

To find out what brew Hilary has on the line, check out Off Tackle Empire.