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Weekend Quack Fix: De'Anthony Thomas back home; Oregon's defense in the spotlight and basketball goes for Washington sweep

You didn't think you'd get any quack on the last day of the year didn't you? Never underestimate the power of the quack.

  • De'Anthony Thomas is receiving a lot of attention as the Rose Bowl approaches, and rightfully so. The freshman came in with a big splash to Oregon less than a year ago and it looks like the attention isn't set to subside for quite some time. With De'Anthony returning to his hometown this week, expect the hype to only increase in the coming days.
  • HAHAHAHAH, John Canzano wrote an article about entertainers being disguised as journalists. That's rich. Whats next, is the Pope going to come out and say that he's stunned that some people live in opulent houses and garner too much attention? Hello pot, this is kettle and you're still a giant hypocrite.
  • jcgoducks had a great post about Oregon's 3-4 defense and the adaptations and formations it can take on. For all you Fishduck fans that love to learn about Oregon's high powered offense, I highly recommend reading this article and gaining a little insight into how Oregon's defense evolved and stayed just as progressive as the offense. Besides, it's the defense that has shown up in the last couple of big OOC Oregon games, not the offense.
  • One of things people concentrate on when looking at Oregon's defense is the front 7. Usually little attention is paid to the corners, unless they're getting flagged for not looking back on a pass or they're driving 118 mph on the deadest part of I-5. Aaron Fentress spotlights the 3 freshmen corners this year that have stepped up in the place of what was supposed to be a very experienced position.
  • Moseley has a video up of the Ducks at practice on Friday. Looks like the guys are keeping things loose even though word from the players is they are staying in their routine and preparing like they always prepare.
  • Oregon's basketball team is looking to sweep the state of Washington tonight at 7:00pm on ESPN2 with a win at Uw. Let's hope Romar has called in Nick Holt to coach the huskies defense so that Oregon can continue their offensive onslaught.
  • Lastly, there are lots of bowl games today with 7 games on the slate and 2 Pac 12 teams in action. Utah takes on Georgia Tech at 11:00 on CBS and Ucla goes for history and a 6-8 record on ESPN at 12:30pm. The updated standing of the ATQ Bowl Mania Challenge can be found here and here are the top 5 leaders as of right now:
Username Total Score
buffduck 350
ConnorOSU 325
The Legend 317
ntrebon 306
QuackAttack214 305

Use this space to talk about the bowl games today and any other quack you find laying around, there's plenty of it out there. It's been a great year at ATQ and the mods and myself would like to thank each and every one of you for sharing it with us. Have a safe and happy New Year Quack Heads.