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Quack Fix: Lawyers Everywhere, Devoe Joseph, and LaMichael James Doing Work

For all you Navy people out there, just remember two things this weekend. 1) Thank you for your service and 2) The Black Knights will always triumph! Have at you! On with the quack.

  • Perhaps not getting much press as it probably should on the blog, an interesting story appeared this week that mentioned Supwitchugirl's attempts to trademark their popular phrase "I Love My Ducks" after dealing with copycats. Unfortunately, their trademark application raised the ever watching UO Lawyer eye and they were met with a "don't do that or we'll sue you" letter.
  • Kenyon Barner was the subject of Oregon Live's "Photo of the Day" yesterday. I look forward to posting this often during next year's Washington - Oregon football matchup. I am curious, what's the count up to? I'm somewhat excited to see what Barner will do as the feature back next year without LaMichael. We have been so blessed to have a marvel of a running back that we can often forget just how good Barner is as a compliment.
  • Amidst the defections from the UO Men's Basketball team, Saturday's game against Fresno State marks the debut of senior 6-4 combo guard Devoe Joseph who transferred from the Minnesota Golden Gophers this offseason. Joseph should provide another threat on the parameter and help shore up the rotation.
  • Just a reminder, we still have lawyers in town looking into that whole Willie Lyles thing.
  • The Doak Walker Award for 2011 went to Alabama's Trent Richardson who beat out LaMichael James and Wisconsin's own Montee Ball. James didn't attend the ceremony because of one of those classic college student problems... finals week.