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Quack Fix: Ducks drop tough game at UCLA and NCAA proposes rules changes for football

Here's your Friday quack fix.  Enjoy.

  • Oregon played UCLA tough last night, but ended up losing 64-54 at Pauley Pavilion.  The Ducks led for almost the entire first half, but the lead slipped away early in the second half when the Ducks struggled to score.  I know it has been said before, but it just doesn't seem like this team will get blown out all that often.  Last night's game was one where I would not have been surprised to see us lose by 20 or 30 during the past few seasons; instead, we were in it until the final few minutes.  
  • Ted Miller breaks down three games featuring Pac-12 teams that were selected as part of a "perfect 2011 schedule" by his colleague Ryan McGee.  Oregon's opener against LSU made the list.
  • Here's a rundown on the proposed rule changes for football.  The changes include adopting a 10-second runoff for penalties late in the second or fourth quarters and restrictions on blocking below the waist.  One change that will be in place for the upcoming season is that unsportsmanlike penalties that occur before a player crosses the goal line will now be enforced at the spot of the foul -- negating the touchdown.
  • The Portland Business Journal is reporting that Matthew Knight Arena was finished on time and below budget.  The approximate $5 million in savings was spent on additional amenities for the arena.
  • Word came out earlier this week that the conference has filed a claim for the rights of the domain name against the current owner who was linking to Tupac mp3s via Amazon.  Interestingly, the Amazon widget is gone and it is now not just a blank page entitled "Tupac Lives!"   Though, as Matt Hinton notes, the Pac-10 didn't even make use of all the domains it currently owns.
  • The women also struggled against UCLA last night, falling 75-48 at home.  As Moseley notes, the 48 points scored mark the lowest total in the Westhead era. 

After the jump is a video tour of PK Park as the baseball team prepares to start their season.

Go Ducks!