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Quack Fix: Jerry Green, Oregon Softball, and Washington State goes for a Pac-10 Title

Sorry for the delay, and hopefully you've been able to get through without withdrawls.  Here is your daily dose of quack:

  • Ron Bellamy catches up with former mens' basketball coach Jerry Green, who led Oregon to their first NCAA tournament in 34 years, but also left after only a few seasons to become the head coach at Tennessee.  A big reason Green left was because he didn't feel the Ducks could reach the next level calling a dilapidated Mac Court home, and feels that with the new arena, Oregon has eliminated their biggest impediment to success.
  • The Daily Emerald takes a look at a recent study that shows athletic donations growing at a faster rate than academic donations.  The Daily Emerald suggest that this means that athletic success hurts academic donations.  I'm not so sure, as that school of thought makes two flawed assumptions:  that donations are a zero sum game where donations to one have to be made at the expense of another, and that people who donate to athletics would otherwise donate to academics if the athletic program weren't successful.  I find both of those assumptions laughable at best.  That said, its clear that, especially in light of woeful state funding for our University, that academic contributions need to increase dramatically if we hope to be a world class school.
  • Its a slow time for football news, but here's a bit that will affect you if you are a season ticket holder.  Oregon's home game with Cal next season has been moved to Thursday, Oct. 6 to accomodate ESPN.  Make your plans accordingly.
  • Oregon softball started last weekend, with the Ducks playing six games in four days, going 5-1 including wins over ranked teams in BYU and Texas A&M.  The softball team plays five more games next weekend in Las Vegas, while the men open their season with a four game series against Hawaii in Honolulu.
  • Finally, good news on the Palouse for Cougar Nation.  They are in first place in the Pac-10!  First place in the conference in Fulmer Cup points, that is.

Quack seems to be in short supply today, so if you find some lying around, please share.