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Quack Fix: Wear White on Saturday, NFL Combine, and Mental Toughness

Coming to you live from the frozen tundra of Oregon. We know you went a day without but remember to give some to your buddy. It's the football off-season and we need to ration our supply.

  • Joevan Catron is playing in his last home game for the University of Oregon on Saturday and he's got one small request for the fans. Everyone wear white.. Think of the amazing degrees of transformation Joevan has seen in his time as a Duck. NCAA tournaments, the lowest of the low, and possibly the rebirth of the program. Thanks Joevan for all the wonderful memories you brought to us a fans and thanks for this special season. Also note, senior day celebrations will take place after the game which is a change from years' past.
  • Coming into the season, almost everyone was predicting a last place finish for the men's basketball team. The people that weren't were taking into account Utah and Colorado and placing Oregon at number 12. As we come to a close, we could be looking at a finish in the upper half of the conference. Improvement is the name of the game.
  • The NFL Combine starts today and apparently the Oregon senior class wasn't highly sought after by the scouts. Only 3 players were invited to participate in the Combine, the fewest out of any team finishing in the top 10. Although some may look at this as a negative, I like to look at this as representative of how young we really were last season and how much skill we'll have coming back. To put it in perspective, Auburn only had 2 players invited to the Combine last year.
  • We haven't covered the Women's Basketball team much but Paul Westhead is looking to right the ship after a tough season. It doesn't get any easier as the team heads to the bay area where no current player has won. Time to show some mental toughness.

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