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Quack Fix: De'Anthony Thomas, Delvon Simmons, Free Clinic for Lacrosse

Anything exciting happen over the last couple of days?

  • First let me say that I'm all for recruiting rankings and all that stuff, but they are really just for fans. I think Chip said it best in saying that you don't get any trophies for winning recruiting rankings. That being said, we should all be excited about a big time 5-star recruit. All kinds of news about De'Anthony Thomas selecting Oregon over USC. Portland Examiner, ESPN Los AngelesMercury News, SB Nation Seattle
  • Not all recruiting news was great as Rod Byers committed to Clemson. Kind of a bummer to lose out on a good prospect but you can't argue with a guy going to his dream school. We've had our fair share of guys looking at UO as their dream school. Also, John Hunt from the Oregonian explores what happened with Delvon Simmons.
  • While Oregon may get commits that are excited to be at Oregon, The Beavers apparently get commits from players who dislike Oregon.
  • A women's lacrosse game was where I first met JConant and we had a 2-man ATQ meetup. Seems like forever ago. The team is hosting a free clinic this Friday.

Got more quack to share? Throw it in the comments.