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Super Bowl Sunday: Open thread

Who:  Dennis Dixon vs Casey Matthews' Brother
When:  After 8 hours of talking heads (or approximately 3:30 Ducks time)
Where:  Jerry World (aka Future home of the Oregon Ducks next victory)

There are three great things about Super Bowls.  1) Food 2) The Commercials 3) Watching the Steelers win championships.  Luckily we get to talk about all three today.

Since I know there are a lot of great food minds on this site, and I also know that Daisy is extremely lazy.  I thought it might be a good idea to put down some of our great food ideas so that the Daisy family doesn't have to order pizza for another Super Bowl.

Having lived in Pittsburgh for a number of years, I know that Buffalo Wings are a very popular item there.  Today I am making 2 different types of wings:

Frank's Red Hot Wings - Grill the wings, after they are done cooking slather them in Frank's Red Hot, grab tons of napkins.

Sweet Baby Ray's Wings - Put a bunch of wings in Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce last night and let them sit.  Throw them on the grill and occasionally drizzle some more bbq sauce on them as they cook.

For my beverages for the evening, I've got a half rack of Iron City (Pittsburgh, PA macrobrew) and since the Steelers are going for title number 7, I'm drinking 7and 7's.

What would the Super Bowl be without the commercials.  There's the famous Apple 1984 commercial which arguably set off the whole commercial craze.  But since this post is obviously Steeler's slanted here's the one I like:

So, talk about your favorite food item, talk about your favorite Super Bowl commercial, and talk about you favorite Steeler's Super Bowl Championship.