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Quack Fix: Women's Hoops, Save our Student Athletes, Ernie Kent, and the Women's Clinic

Men's basketball gets a win to improve to 17-17 on the year. Catron with the double-double. I'm sure going to miss that guy. By the way, we're going to need a lot more than ~4200 fans if we're going to actually break even on hosting the next game. $35K has been spent, $50K is up next. We'd better get some good recruiting tapes for that kind of scratch. On to the quack.

  • A lot of attention has been paid to the men's basketball team but lost in all of the hoopla of the last few years is how women's basketball has fallen off the map in the State of Oregon. I remember some glory years under Jody Runge where Oregon was looked at as almost a mecca of women's hoops, where the Pac-10 conference looked to host tournament games based on attendance and fandom. Oregon and Oregon State generate half the revenue they did just 5 years ago. There are some reasons why.
  • Do you have kids? Do you need a way for them to run around for a few hours so they can take a nice long nap and give you some peace? The University of Oregon, Oregon Track Club Elite and the City of Eugene Recreational Services have teamed up to host a free youth clinic this Saturday at Hayward Field. Festivities kick off at 11am.
  • Former Track star Keshia Baker and current track team member Eric Hersey have set out to aid budget-imperiled after school athletic programs by starting a non-profit called "Save our Student Athletes". Great piece on how the non-profit was started and where it sits today.
  • With the Washington Huskies heading to the NCAA Tournament to take on the Georgia Bulldogs, a couple of ATQ gents gave a sister blog a little background on how the season has gone for the Huskies. 
  • Buried deep in this article, I found some Ernie Kent news. Looks like he's on the list of candidates for the Wyoming job. There isn't a lot of detail but there was a name mentioned in the "possible assistants" list that struck me as odd. Mike Dunlap.
  • In some football news, the Beavers are swapping everyone around on the offensive line to try and find a way to get more production out of an underachieving group. The Beavers have a pretty forgiving schedule to start the year so they should have plenty of time to get used to their new positions but this does seem to signal a sense of urgency from our brethren to the north.

One of my wife's favorite events is the Oregon Football Women's Clinic. It's coming up fast on April 14th. Get some information about it here. If you have any other quack, throw it in the comments. Go Ducks!