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Quack Fix: Boise State Defeats Oregon, Oregon Defeats Boise State, Willie Lyles, and Winning Streaks

I'm sorry for the late quack today. I know you've gotten used to early morning editions the last few Thursdays. I won't lie. I drank a lot last night and missed my connection with the dealer.

  • Boise St. had no problem dispatching the Oregon women's tennis team as the Bronco's took the match, 5-2
  • Oregon's magical CBI run continues as the Ducks defeated the Boise St. Broncos 79-71 to move on to the finals. We've got a short recap of Boise St.'s season and as well as last nights game. Let the discussion begin about ex-coach returning to his old stomping grounds.
  • How about those Diamond Ducks? Oh, not a lot. Just out there, winning 7 straight and beating up on the San Francisco Dons, 6-1. Alex Keudell became the first Duck of the season to record a complete game. I suppose you don't have to worry about the bullpen losing the game if you don't have to go there.
  • More Willie Lyles news, this time concerning former UO running back Dontae Williams

More quack to add? Throw it down below in the comments.