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Quack Fix: Bunch of Practice Recaps; Fiesta Bowl has too much Fiesta Going On; and Do-or-Die for the Basketball team.

Someone needs to provide the Quack.  Who's going to do it?  You jtlight, you Bill Musgrave.  Fine I'll do it.

  • Well, spring practice started yesterday and it looks like all the buzz is about player's new numbers and Lache Seastrunk's speed.  Obviously coach Kelly thinks they still need to practice faster.  Go figure.
  • More spring practice recaps.  Ken Goe has a video.  Ted Miller has a recap too.
  • The Fiesta Bowl seems to be in a little hot water lately.  Strippers, political contributions, reimbursement schemes, who said the BCS isn't broken.  Unfortunately Chip Kelly makes an appearance in LSUfreek's contribution on the whole mess.
  • Oregon basketball heads Deep in the Woods as it's a do-or-die game against the Creighton Blue Jays tonight.  Would love to see Catron and Strowbridge get one more game Friday, but the Ducks are going to need to do a better job shutting down the 3 ball from the Blue Jays to make that happen.
  • Finally, the Oregonian has a article about freshman outfielder Stefan Sabol and his struggles to get back on the field after a broken bone in his hand.  Would love to get this guy healthy going into Pac 10 play this weekend, but it doesn't sound likely.  Oregon can use all the hitters it can get as they have really struggled this year getting guys across the plate.

That's all the quack I got for now.  If you find more, leave it in the comments and I'm sure we'll use it.