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Quack Fix: Replacing Ray Lewis, Ducks get a CBI Win, Dominic Glover, and Willie Lyles

Go out and get tickets for the CBI Championship game this Friday. Seriously. Send Jay-R and Joevan out on a great note and thank them for all their contributions.

  • The men's basketball team defeated the Creighton Bluejays on Wednesday night, 71-58, in front of a crowd of more than 8000 fans at Matthew Knight Arena. It wasn't long ago that we were looking at a potential Pac-10 sweep of the basketball tournaments. Now, only Oregon remains within striking distance of a tournament championship. By the way, no matter what happens on Friday, the Ducks are assured their first winning record since 2008.
  • Need your daily Willie Lyles news? Apparently a former assistant with Texas A&M is saying that Lyles shopped him defensive back Patrick Peterson in hopes of acquiring $80,000. Peterson eventually signed with LSU. Another coach with ties to the state of Texas speaking out against Lyles? I'm not surprised. However, I do find myself worrying just a little bit about the continued rumblings in this area. Meanwhile, Canzano is asking the NCAA to do something about these scandals because... Chip Kelly has lost control of the NCAA.
  • The Baltimore Ravens are looking for a successor to long time Raven Ray Lewis and our boy Casey Matthews might be just the guy they're looking for. Projections have Matthews going in the second or third round and landing with an organization like the Ravens would be a great start to his NFL career in 2012... or 2013... or whenever there is an NFL season again.
  • The Beavers continue their off-season line makeovers with former Duck Dominic Glover moving over to defensive tackle in hopes of replacing Stephen Paea. With all of the changes this year for the Beavers on the lines and very little coaching turnover, I'm wondering what they didn't adjust to during the season last year that made them feel all of these moves are now correct.

I believe you know the drill.