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Quack Fix: Baseball Wins Again, Uniform Madness, and Sparky is Ron Jeremy?

Omg the quack is late! Get to the choppa!

  • Baseball gets another win, this time against the University of Portland Pilots by a count of 6-4. The team currently sits at 16-14 for the season and has a ton of ground to make up if they want to get into the postseason. Next up will be USC in a must win series.
  • Cliff Harris was named to the 2011 Lott IMPACT Trophy Watch List for the upcoming season. This might be the last season we see Uncle Cliffy in a Ducks uniform. Recent comments out of practice regarding Harris have me very excited to see how much he's improved.
  • The good people in Orlando are just as bored in the off-season as we are but I don't understand why. Sun, beaches, Disney World, why aren't they outside?! Instead, they're counting down the 5 teams who could win the BCS next season and their spotlight today is on Oregon.
  • Ted Miller goes into Uniform Madness! I hadn't thought it before but he makes a comparison between the Arizona State mascot "Sparky" and Ron Jeremy. I'm both disturbed and enlightened.
  • Results are in from the football scrimmage and the defense wins the day. You know what that means... the offense is broken! We're doomed! I think a telling quote from the article was offensive tackle Mark Asper saying "We got in a rut and we're still trying to figure out who to look to get out of that rut". I knew we'd lost some leadership off the line from last year but this is a glaring issue that hopefully will be resolved before fall camp. 

You know the drill, throw the quack in the comments.