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12 Pac Review: Too Many Guys Going to the NBA, USC has Compliance Issues and Tedford's Seat is Hot

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Sorry I'm delivering your 12 Pac a little late.  Somebody got a case of food poisoning this week and didn't feel like typing on the toilet.  Anyway, great day of basketball for you.  NBA playoffs start today and also the Jordan Brand Classic is this evening at 5:00pm PST on ESPN2.  Two future 12 Pac members will be competing in this All Star Game in New York, future Duck Jabari Brown and future husky Tony Wroten Jr.  You guys might be on the same team tonight, but don't get used to liking each other.

Oregon - Diamond Ducks head to LA this week to take on the Trojans riding a 3 game winning streak after downing the Portland Pilots earlier this week and taking the first against USC last night.  As Kris points out, the Ducks have put themselves into a nothing to lose corner.  Starting 0-5 in the Pac, and barely holding onto a winning record, the Ducks have come out swinging in their last two games.  This weekend series shouldn't be anything different.

Stanford - The Cardinal held their Spring Game this week, and as expected much of the focus was on Andrew Luck.  Here's what surprised me, 7,000 people came out to Kezar Stadium to watch the game.  7,000?  At Stanford?  We're they handing out free scantron sheets with every ticket purchase?

Washington - The husky baseball team is down facing the University Club Cal Golden Bears this week.  Cal's club team was able to take the first game of the series 6-2 last night sinking the huskies to 10-21 and only 2-5 on the season.  Man I can't believe we lost 2 games to those guys.

USC - Someone broke into USC's compliance office this week and ransacked it.  Go ahead and insert your "they couldn't find anything" or "who knew USC actually had a compliance office" jokes here.  Spencer at EDSBS has cracked the case and found out who was involved.

Oregon State - Baseball Beavers are leading the conference right now and headed down to Palo Alto to take on the Cardinal.  Casey really has his guys playing well and they look like clear favorites to take the conference and head back to Omaha.

Arizona State - So ASU got new uniforms and logos and fonts this week.  I understand why schools do this.  Keeps the identity of the University fresh and in the minds of some of the younger kids.  Sells more merchandise because of the new look.  But I'm a throw back guy.  My favorite Duck uni's in the past, I don't know how many seasons, have been the throw backs we wore against Cal.

Arizona - So Derrick Williams decided to forgo his final 2 years of eligibility and joined the NBA draft.  In my opinion way too many guys are coming out early this year.  Somebody is giving them really bad advice on the possibility of an NBA lockout.  I hope they realize that they're most likely going to be sitting out a year... without pay and not playing any ball.

UCLA - UCLA players are making the same dumb decisions.

Cal - Seems like Mr. Tedford might be feeling a little heat after last season.  I'm guessing going 5-7 and having the only real national exposure for your team be because of faking injuries isn't what Cal fans expected.  After another great recruiting class for Tedford and some more coaching turnover (this time probably for the good) Cal is hoping for a better showing this coming year.

Washington State - What the hell is going on?  Now Casto (a borderline NBA prospect at best) is thinking about declaring for the NBA!?!?!  Seriously guys, who is advising these kids?  Klay Thompson (most likely a lottery pick) still hasn't made his decision.  I hope someone gets to him before he does something dumb too.

Utah - The Utes are getting ready to show off a bunch of new things in their Spring Game this afternoon.  A new Pac 12 logo, and apparently some new faces.  Wittingham said he plans to hold out a number of the starters and give some of the newcomers a chance to earn some playing time and trying to get some starters healthy.

Colorado - I talked last week about how new football coach Jon Embree was planning on clearing house.  Seems like now he's got some splaining to do.  The recent dismissals of senior guard Max Tuioti-Mariner and junior receiver Will Jefferson have been given medical exemptions.  Is this a case of a coach using the medical exemption program as a way of getting rid of guys off the scholarship totals or are they really permanently injured?