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Quack Fix: Oregon Relays, Baseball Gameday, the Taliban and Offensive Struggles

This is always a rough time of year for quack. I blame it on the Santa Ana Winds... or that it's spring

  • Track and Field returns to Hayward Field this weekend for the Oregon Relays. Although the team has been fairly quiet this season, look for things to pick up starting this Friday. 
  • It's gameday for baseball as the Ducks take on no. 23 Arizona at PK Park. Although the bats have started to wake up the last few games, they haven't been as timely as anyone would like. Oregon needs to make a run to close out the season and now is a great time to get that ball rolling.
  • I couldn't help but think about the timing of this article. I just smile at the picture of Dion Jordon and his expression the day after 4/20. Bad cameraman! Other than that, did you know the offense was HUMILIATED at the hands of the defense in the last scrimmage? I think this is where we're all supposed to freak out. PANIC!
  • An interesting story about former UO runner Jere Van Dyke being captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2008.

Don't forget about the ATQ BBQ and Tailgate coming up for the Spring Game! We'll have more details tomorrow. Needless to say, we're looking at a great turnout! If only we can get the weather to cooperate